What are the minimum provisions of an employment contract?

The following shall be the minimum provisions in employment contracts for Overseas Filipino Workers

  1. Complete name and address of the employer/company
  2. Position and jobsite of the Overseas Filipino Worker
  3. Basic monthly salary, including benefits and allowances and mode of payment. The salary shall not be lower than the prescribed minimum wage in the host country or prevailing minimum wage in the National Capital Region of the Philippines, whichever is higher
  4. Food and accommodation or the monetary equivalent which shall be commensurate to the cost of living in the host country, or off-setting benefits
  5. Commencement and duration of contract;  
  6. Free transportation from and back to the point of hire, or off-setting  benefits, and free inland transportation at the jobsite or off-setting benefits
  7. Regular work hours and day off
  8. Overtime pay for services rendered beyond the regular working hours, rest days and holidays
  9. Vacation leave and sick leave for every year of service
  10. Free emergency medical and dental treatment
  11. Just/valid/authorized causes for termination of the contract or of the services of the workers, taking into consideration the customs, traditions, norms, mores, practices, company policies and the labor laws and social legislations of the host country.
  12. Settlement of disputes
  13. Repatriation of worker in case of imminent danger due to war, calamity, and other analogous circumstances, at the expense of employer; and
  14. In case of worker’s death, repatriation of Overseas Filipino Workers human remains and personal belongings, at the expense of the employer.

Source: Revised POEA Rules and Regulations Governing the Recruitment and Employment of Landbased Overseas Filipino Workers of 2016, Rule V. Fees, Costs and Contributions, Section 135.